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1. Anzac Mythology and Militarisation ANZAC 6.09.13

Vida Goldstein reported in the Woman Voter 18 December 1919: "The peoples, as well as the Governments, have sown the wind of misunderstanding and of hate and are reaping the whirlwind ...'We MUST not, DARE not, be idle.'

The primacy of the ANZAC mythology and militarization has buried the anti-war activist spirit that has been integral to Australia’s history..

Did we leave ANZAC day or were we pushed out?

Perhaps it is time for us, as peace and feminist activists, to reclaim our share of the ANZAC mythology, or at least start a conversation. The term 'lest we forget' can be, and has been, used to prevent and stop war.

2. Prejudice and Reason
some Australian women's responses to war

If educators, students and all of us don't hear OUR stories, what will they hear over the next two years until and during the centenary of ANZAC day?

If we don't work to promote women's voices who will?

Don't schools, libraries and universities need OUR voices, too?

Prejudice and Reason
some Australian women's responses to war

is now online http://www.prejudiceandreason.com.au/
as well as in book form available Readings Books, New International Bookshop or from Women's Web.

For every person who:

  • was shocked when the USA responded to the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in 2001 instead of treating the attacks as crimes;
  • has ever wondered whether to use reason or to fight back if attacked;
  • wants to know more of our herstory as well as our history; and
  • for everybody who has ever criticised Governments, political parties, press censorship, the media, industry or racist or sexist laws.

Prejudice and Reason some Australian women's responses to war

Two women, two organisations, two journals -
In their own words, feminists and reactionary women tell of their work and activism from 1909 to now, concentrating on WWI.

Be prepared to be surprised. The arguments are fresh and current today.

"An awesome achievement ... long silenced voices rise up again to tell an authentic story of war and peace. Geraldine Robertson's immaculate research sheds valuable light on a much neglected, but vitally important, aspect of Australia's history."
Clare Wright
Historian Author Broadcaster


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