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l betrayal also see Equal Pay

l WOMEN WORKING TOGETHER suffrage and onwards www.womenworkingtogether.com.au
l Prejudice and Reason some Australian Women's responses to war  www.prejudiceandreason.com.au/

l NEW NEW NEW NEW - 1914-1919

l FIRST WORLD WAR WOMEN working for peace in Melbourne 1914-1919

Experience an utterly different First World War!

l See it online - 1914-1919

l Also see the exhibition:

- 12/1/15 to 25/2/15 – Queen Victoria Women’s Centre
- All of March 1915 – City of Yarra, including International Women’s Day
- Mid April to Mid May 1915 – Kildara Centre

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WELCOME, this site contains stories of feminist women and their activism in Melbourne, Victoria.

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Women Working Together front cover

Suffrage and Onwards

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PREJUDICE AND REASON some Australian women's responses to war
Prejudice and Reason

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Women's Paid Work

Women's Paid Work 1874-1974

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INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY in Melbourne - 8 March - Our Story
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